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Government Gateway for Business Rates

One of the major changes for the 2023 Rating Revaluation is the introduction of a ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ (CCA) system procedure. To add to the complexity, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has recently set up a new Government Gateway portal for ratepayers and their professional representatives to register formal ‘Check’ and ‘Challenge’ applications.

We are keen to commence with your rates mitigation activities at an early stage, where appropriate. However, in order for us to do so there’s a complicated registration process you have to set-up and navigate first as individuals. Once correctly done, we can then take over the remaining management and procedural parts of the Business Rates process and save you money.

Even if your business has an existing HMRC Government Gateway (GG) account you will still need to separately register for CCA at the dedicated VOA Gateway portal. 

Registration process

Your project coordinator can assist you with the registration process.

  1. Personal data & contact registration – For a Government Gateway User ID, you’ll need your UK Passport, P60 (or payslip) and a note of your NI Number.
  2. Business(es) registration – Register here. Tip! Only register the name of the company shown on the business rates bill, even if it’s not quite correct or has changed.
  3. Claiming each property you occupy – You’ll need to upload a PDF of the business rates bill to prove it! (for properties in England only)
  4. Appointing your Agent – Our Agent Code is 337147. You can register us as your agent only after the properties so ‘claimed’ are ‘acknowledged’ by the VOA; which can be up to three days! So unfortunately you’ll have to wait before you can proceed further!

Contact a Project Coordinator

Should you have any queries and/or wish us to take over registration stages 3 & 4, please contact a project coordinator.