Portrait Group

Customer Journey

At Portrait, we pride ourselves on offering a quick and seamless customer journey. Our process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free, ensuring that you receive expert assistance without unnecessary delays. From the initial consultation to the final resolution, our dedicated team guides you through each step with professionalism and care, making your experience smooth and satisfactory. We strive to provide personalised support, ensuring that your specific needs are met with precision and expertise, delivering optimal results for your business.

Stage 1 - Identifying Grants & Reliefs


The journey begins with an
initial consultation with a
Project Coordinator who will
gather information about your
business, including industry
type and trading activities.

Research & Analysis

We conduct thorough
research to identify any grants
and bursaries you might be
entitled to. This is a crucial
step that ensures you take full
advantage of these
opportunities before any
further steps are taken.

Application Process

After a letter of authority &
terms of engagement are
signed, we assist in preparing
and submitting applications
for the identified grants and
bursaries. Our expertise
increases the likelihood of
successful applications.

Impact Assessment

Once grants or bursaries are
secured, we evaluate how this
financial support impacts the
overall business rates and
financial position. A “success
statement” is then provided
to you.

Stage 2 - Reducing Rateable Value

Property Survey & Assessment

If the rateable value still
needs reduction, we conduct
a detailed survey of your
property. This helps us
understand the scope for
possible reductions in rateable

Negotiation & Representation

Leveraging the insights from
the survey, we negotiate on
behalf of your business to
reduce the rateable value.
This stage may involve
discussions with valuation
officers and other relevant

Commission Structure

Our commission is based on
the percentage of savings
achieved from reducing the
rateable value. This motivates
us to secure the best possible
outcome for our clients.
Portrait do not charge up
upfront fees.

Final Outcome & Savings

The end result is a reduced
rateable value, leading to
lower business rates. Our
clients benefit financially from
both the grants and bursaries
obtained in Stage 1, and the
reduced rates achieved in
Stage 2.

Key Benefits for Clients

By first exploring grants
and bursaries, clients
can maximise their
savings before reducing
their rateable value.

Our expertise in both
grants and rateable
value reduction,
ensures clients receive

Our commission
structure is
straightforward and
aligned with the clients’
savings, ensuring a fair
and beneficial