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Business Rates

Commercial property taxes, often debated, are levied on the utilisation of business spaces. For establishments such as offices, storefronts, and certain manufacturing sites, these taxes are determined by applying the Standard Business Rates Multiplier to the assessed value of the property. This valuation is derived from piecemeal rental data gathered by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

For hotels, bars, recreational facilities, and specific industrial and farming properties, the assessed financial value is often calculated using revenue or production figures.

The Valuation Office typically lacks precise local leasing data and is even less aware of a company’s revenue, placing the responsibility on the business owner or their representative to initiate a formal dispute to amend the valuation.

Over recent years, the Valuation Office has increasingly complicated the process for contesting and lowering commercial property taxes. In reaction, Portrait has developed what we consider the most effective strategy in the industry to swiftly address and reduce commercial taxes, achieving substantial cost savings. We specialise in navigating the intricacies of the 2017-23 “Check, Challenge, Appeal” assessment system.

We deploy local valuation experts, bringing area-specific insights and proficiency. These professionals boast distinguished careers and lead in their respective fields, including hotels, serviced apartments, automobile dealerships, golf courses, showrooms, bars, retail spaces, and office buildings.

Our team possesses experience across multiple assessment periods, achieving significant reductions in commercial property taxes for an array of property types, typically saving our clients anywhere from 10 to 100% on their rates.

Our compensation model is success-based, charging a fee only on the savings achieved, with no initial charges. Our experts oversee the entire tax reduction journey, starting with a preliminary assessment or physical evaluation of the property to determine if it has been overvalued.

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